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Estetik Ramita- Dejan MIlutinović MD : Aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery



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Estetik Ramita

“Estetik Ramita” was founded in 2007, by an esteemed plastic surgeon Dejan Milutinović, MD. His primary intention was to help anyone who faces an aesthetic condition regarding their current looks or wants to improve and maintain their face and body aesthetics.

The clinic is designed to meet the latest medical standards. The comfortable ambient will make you feel relaxed and the kind staff lead by doctor Milutinović is there to make your staying less painful and to make your wishes come true.

Every patient is treated with extreme care and kindness, which makes this clinic one of the best possible choices for achieving your aesthetic goals in this part of the world. After the usual post-operational staying at the clinic, you will go back to your home with more self-esteem and more satisfied with yourself.

Your new looks will bring a flair of youthfulness and joy in your current lifestyle, regardless of your age.


Plastic surgeon

Can your beauty last forever?
Is it hard to attain lasting beauty?
Is is possible to look natural even with the small help of aesthetic surgery?

Dejan Milutinović, M.D. thinks it is.

“A woman is satisfied when she looks beautifully - as the result of her care of face and body. If my patient, for example, wants a breast augmentation, I spend a lot of time explaining to her what that particular procedure entails and what results she will get out of it. If I don’t think it is necessary, then I recommend other methods that will benefit her the most. I never treat any patient as the others; I stand by the opinion that my job as a plastic surgeon is to make sure my patients leave my clinic healthy and beautiful, not the other way around.”

His goals are not directed to the increased number of procedures. He wants to make his patients happy and healthy, giving them solution to look youthful regardless of their age.

You can relax and think only about how will you look afterwards, because your beauty is safe in doctor Milutinović’s hands.


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Address: Budimska 2 11000 Belgrade Serbia

Phone: 00381 11 3391258

Email: info@dejanmilutnovic.com