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Meet Dejan Milutinović, MD

Dejan Milutinović MD (Sarajevo, April 28th, 1966) is a leading expert in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery in our country.

After leaving the elementary school “25. maj” in New Belgrade, doctor Milutinović continues his education at Third Belgrade High-School and, eventually, at Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade.

As an extraordinary student, he manages to graduate from Faculty of Medicine with highest grades. This allowed him to choose a demanding specialization program in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. At the time, this field was not fully developed in Serbia, which brought an additional challenge in doctor Milutinović’s career. However, Military Medical Academy in Belgrade offered him a specialization program, which he attends from 1993 to 1998. Prior to this professional arrangement, doctor Milutinović was a guest student at Karolinska Institute in Sweden (1991), which he visited again during his specialization program in Belgrade. He also visited Moscow and Rome as a part of his professional development program at Military Medical Academy.

After finishing his specialization program, doctor Milutinović started his first professional arrangement at children’s hospital “Dr Vladan Čupić” in Belgrade. He spent three years there and eventually decided to continue his professional development at Institute for burns, plastic and reconstructive surgery in Belgrade, where he was in charge for the surgical department, and held a position of deputy-in-chief. His ambitions lead him to starting his own private practice in 2007.

Doctor Milutinović was a talented and active student. He was interested in sports - as a member of rowing club “Crvena Zvezda” he was a champion in several contests in Serbia and former Yugoslavia. He was also very interested in writing poetry, which lead to publishing his own collection of poems. He holds several recognitions and awards, which confirms his outstanding results in different areas of his interest.

He is a member of numerous professional associations in Serbia and internationally (SRBPRAS; BAPRAS; ESPRAS; ISAPS; WOSAM). Doctor Milutinović is also engaged in education and teaching: he is one of the few authorized educators on the use of Aquilix in Serbia and the region. He is also active in numerous non-profit and non-government organisations, such as charity “Lion” from Zemun. He’s one of the participants of Medical Forum held each year in Rome.

Doctor Milutinović fluently speaks English and Swedish.

He always underlines the importance of his raising in his professional and private endeavours. Without the love and support from his parents, Srđan and Slobodanka, he wouldn’t be successful in fulfilling his diverse interests during his school years. Today, his biggest support comes from his wife Olga and their children Rastko, Milena and Tamara. In his personal opinion, the success of having and raising his children is uncomparable to any of his professional successes.

His interests and hobbies include rafting, deep diving, fishing and oil painting.

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