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What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a term used to describe the emergence of the fatty tissue in certain areas of the body. Since cellulite is more common for women than men, it very important to start taking care of your body on time because with aging, you are inevitably going to get cellulite. However, the quality of the skin doesn’t change, but due to the increased quantity of fatty tissue it does gain a specific looks. It usually looks like you have crumbs and goose skin on certain areas of your body, which is the result of the changed architecture of the adipose tissue and skin on these points. Since there is no specific treatment or medical drug that can efficiently take care of cellulite, you can reduce it by healthy nutrition, exercising and liposuction.

Did I make the right decision?

Up to this point, where you already did your consultations, preparation and set up a date for surgery, it should be clear to you whether you made a right decision or not. If you’re not satisfied with the way you look or you are facing self-esteem issues, or your looks affect your general health, you should choose a plastic surgery as an option. It is normal to feel pressure and constant doubt during the preparation and consultation process - and if you’re having second guess, you can always cancel or reschedule a surgery (but make sure you do it at least 4 weeks before the scheduled date). Try to relax and calm down before the actual surgery - that way, you’ll be more prepared for the procedure and your doctor will also appreciate your optimism and enthusiasm.

Is plastic surgery painful?

Procedures which are performed under general anesthesia, such as breast surgery or procedures of body sculpting (like abdominoplasty, inner thigh tightening and liposuction), usually pass painlessly. However, depending on your level of sensitivity and the type of the surgical procedure, there is a chance of short-term pain which can be controlled with the help of painkillers. On the other hand, procedures like face lifting or facial corrections are performed under partial anesthesia, which means that the patient is fully aware of the procedure. It is possible to feel certain amount of pain (for example, the stab of the needle), but it’s only a short-term pain which will pass right after the procedure. If there is a good collaboration between doctor and patient, the procedure can pass almost painlessly.

How will I look after the surgery?

After the initial interview in which doctor will determine whether you are qualified for the procedure or not, he will thoroughly explain to you the preparatory stages for a chosen procedure. He will describe you the post-recovery process, which includes bruises, bandages, scars, rash, and other discomforts. However, these are normal by-products of any surgical procedure, which will last only a couple of days. In some cases, it can lasts for several weeks, depending on your general health and the complexity of the procedure.

When will be the time to go out in public?

Depending on the type of the procedure. For body sculpting surgeries, there is no time limit for staying at home, but if you underwent a facial surgery, it’s recommended to stay at home for at least 14 days. Even after that you will have to cover your bruises and scars with makeup, at least for a while. Normally, recovery period lasts for 10-14 days on average. In case of combined procedures that are taken at once, the recovery process is more complex and can lasts up to 3 weeks.

How long will I stay on the clinic?

Our stand is that the post-surgical recovery should be taken at home, as soon as possible.No matter how much do you like staying at our clinic, we believe that you will be at your best in your own home, with the support of your family and friends. The number of days which patient spends on our clinic depends on several things, including the complexity of the procedure and his overall sensitivity. Usually, the stay lasts for 1-2 days after the surgery or, if the patient is responding really well to the pain and his general state is fine, we will assign him an early release home. The common post-surgical recovery lasts as follows: Forehead and eyebrows lift 2-3 days Face lift 3 days Eyelids 1-2 days Ear lift 1 day Lips filling 1 day Breast augmentation 1-2 days Breast diminution 3-4 days Breast lift 3-4 days Abdominoplasty 3-5 days Inner thigh lift 2-3 days Buttock lift 2-3 days Liposuction 1-2 days Depending on the procedure and the type of surgery performed, it’s recommended to stay out from the sports, sun, tan salon and sauna for 3-6 weeks after the surgery. Ask your surgeon for detailed instructions.

Are silicone implants for breasts safe or not?

CE certified implants, which we use in every breast surgery, are perfectly safe. The development technology used with these implants is far more advanced and secure than with the regular implants.

What is the age limit for undergoing cosmetic surgery?

The age limit is not an issue if the candidate is in great health condition and if the anesthesiologist agree on the procedure. However, it is recommended that patients under 18 years seek for a parental permission before taking the surgery.

How long will face lift last?

The procedure is not affected by time limit, since the sustainability of the face lift is placed in skin area (it doesn’t affect the muscles).

Are there too many scars after the surgery?

You might be concerned not with the quantity of the scars, but with the fact are they’re visible or not. If the procedure is done by an expert, the scars would remain invisible. However, it should be noted that the quality of the scars and their visibility is dependent on the quality and the type of patient’s skin.