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Breast Lift

For women who want to improve the shape and the size of their breasts, there are several different operating techniques to refer to:
Breast augmentation - performed in case you are not happy with the size of your breasts;
Breast correction - if you are not satisfied with the shape of your breasts;
Simultaneous augmentation and correction - if you’re not satisfied with the size nor shape of your breasts.
The ideal candidate for a simultaneous augmentation and correction of the breasts is one that has a distinctive drooping breasts. It is wrongly believed that breast relaxation comes only as a consequence of aging. It is very common in women who have had one or more births, especially if they breastfed or underwent drastical body weight changes.
Which of the various surgical procedures is to be applied depends on how the breasts looks like. If the skin is relaxed to a greater extent, there will be a change in the position of the nipple which must be taken into account during the intervention. If the nipples clamp down, they can be moved to meet the aesthetic criteria of beautifully shaped female breasts.
In each case, it’s a complex intervention during which doctor removes excess skin on the chest, places implants that alter the size and shape of the breast which then inevitably remove warts. The result is remodeled breasts for more beautiful and much younger looks.