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Buttocks correction

Increasing and raising the buttocks

The operation is performed to increase the buttocks by incorporating the appropriate implants in muscular region of the buttocks or by adding free transplanted fat cells in the subcutaneous region of the buttocks.
Both surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Postoperative hospitalization does not exceed a period of 1-2 days. However, it is recommended the omission of sports activities and physical exertion for a period of four weeks after the surgery, plus wearing a girdle for 5-6 weeks.

When corrections of buttocks is performed with free transplantation of fat cells it may cause partial loss of the transplanted cells. This is why this type of surgery must be repeated several times to achieve the desired effect. Both these methods surgically returns lost vigor and roundness of the buttocks.

Tightening the buttocks

Tightening buttocks apply the principle of surgical intervention similar to previously described procedures - the aim is to remove the excess skin, taking into account the specificities of a particular region. Type of surgery always adapts to the anatomy of the patient’s body, especially in regards to the cuts and scars which should remain deeply hidden or placed so that it can be covered by clothing. When tightening the buttocks, it is possible to partly tighten the loose skin by inserting suitable implants (technique is similar to the breast augmentation), thus achieving a better and higher form of the buttocks leaving quite discreet scar.
This operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, it’s recommended wearing a special corset or girdle, due to the necessary compression required in operated area. Sports activities should not be exercised for a period of four weeks.