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Face Lift

Face-lift, known as cosmetic surgery face lifting, is without any doubt, the central intervention in aesthetic surgery. It is the most common and most important aesthetic operation that belongs to the group of rejuvenation operations. Basically, this type of the procedure is restoring facial contours in their primary position, similar to that they had at a younger age. Face lift is the base of all other cosmetic surgery on the face and can be combined with other surgical procedures in the same region. As far as changes goes, on the one hand they seem objective, and on the other rather subjective, because each person differently experiencing the appearance of aging. This is very difficult to determine with whom and when to perform surgery. Based on your wishes and possibilities to achieve results, our doctor will give you an opinion whether the better performance will be achieved by surgical correction or non-invasive treatments, or even a combination of both.

Facelift does not only tighten the skin, but it also lifts the skin of the neck and parts of the soft tissue segment. Such a surgery inevitably changes the overall look of the face and neck. The best results can be observed right in the middle part and lower third of the face and around the edge of the jaw, where it highlights the lost line of the chin.