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Fillers are a special type of substance that is used as a part of the non-operative cosmetic methods and procedures in the aesthetics of the face and neck. Aging skin loses its elasticity and glow, which leads to visible changes in the form of wrinkles or stretch the skin. In order to prevent further signs of aging and restore natural look and shine of the skin, surgeons around the world resort to fillers, and usually hyaluronic fillers whose main ingredient hyaluronic acid.

When woman turns 30 years, her stocks of hyaluronic acid is slowly vanishing, which leads to the fact that the skin looks tired and worn appearance. In addition, it can also change the color and quality of the skin, all of which make women become dissatisfied with their appearance.

Hyaluron fillers have long been one of the most effective non-operative methods in the treatment of these problems. The process of applying filler in certain regions of the face and body is not invasive and has a longer effect than Botox.

instant results
fast recovery
long-term effect

Side effects are common for this type of cosmetic procedure. In the regions that were exposed to the treatment can be found bruises or swelling, which usually disappear after a week.

Ideal candidates for this type of aesthetic surgery are people between 35 and 55 years of age who, due to work commitments and lack of free time, are looking for faster and more efficient solution.

Hyaluronic fillers can be used on the face (wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, nose and mouth), on the lips or neck.