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In our clinic, you can undergo a correction of the area under the eyes, correction of the cheekbones, removing dark circles and many other.

Cheekbones are the most prominent zone of the upper and outer parts of the face and aesthetically are very important in the structure and appearance of the face.

The shape, size and position of the pads not only determines the structure of cheekbones, but also displays the structure of soft tissue over it (subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscle, skin).

Cheekbones are different in every human being, not only in size and shape, but also in its position. These properties are conditioned by genetics, but can also be a subject to changes caused by periods of cultivation and weight loss, some diseases, as well as the processes of aging.

Increasing and correction of the cheekbones can be achieved in four different ways:

  • By placing zygomatic implants (which are made of solid silicone)
  • Osteotomy cheekbone
  • A fillers injection (temporary or permanent)
  • By injecting patient’s own fat

Eye bags and excess skin below the lower eyelid is mainly associated with the accumulation of fatty tissue in that part of the face. With aging, the bad diet and life habits, the skin becomes thinner and dry and begins to sink down with fatty deposits and atrophied malar pads. The result is more evident pads and dark circles under the eyes. Until recently it was believed that the fresh looking and tight eyelids can be achieved only with plastic surgery because there were no other treatment for removal of dark circles under the eyes. With the development of other non-surgical methods, today we can treat this issue with perlane. The procedure is performed when a thin needle is injected into the area of the lower eyelid. The filler is injected just above the bone of the eye socket. Then the filler is carefully formed massaging the treated area, giving the outstanding results that can be noticed almost immediately.