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Liposculpture is a cosmetic surgery which uses fatty tissue from one area of the body and transfer it to other parts of the body in order to achieve the desired shape and vigor of a particular body part. It is well known that the tension of certain parts of the body depends on the fatty tissue below the skin in this part of the body. This method helps to move the fatty tissue into areas where they are more needed and not look excessed.

Only a small stab in terms of local anesthesia can refresh the entire face by adding small amounts of fat underneath the skin. As a natural filler (lipofilling) adipose tissue is used to increase the cheekbones, to enhance the lips and straighten the wrinkles.
Fatty tissue is very rich in stem cells and growth factors which substantially contributes to rejuvenation. That is the reason why the procedure called lipofilling always contains the PRP. This treatment is particularly recommended for permanent repair of recessed scars on patient’s face.