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Golden threads

Therapy with golden threads is based on similar methods as therapy with meso threads. The skin is losing its elasticity and glow after a certain number of years, so it is necessary to find the most natural way to stimulate the production of collagen, one of the most important substances responsible for the fresh and youthful appearance of the face, neck and chest.

The main objective of this non-operational aesthetic method is to preserve the natural look for many years, and that the consequences for the health of the patient are minimal. The first effects are noticed after just two months, because that’s the time needed that thread gets a spiral shape and to contract. By shortening the thread, the parts of the skin gets tightened and the skin below which the threads are inserted reveals the desired effect of tight and shiny skin.

Where can golden threads be applied:

preservation of youthful-looking skin
strong and elastic skin
elimination of fine lines
prevention of down cheeks
correction of wrinkles around the mouth
correction of horizontal wrinkles on the neck

Although treatment with gold thread is not invasive (does not require the application of anesthesia like some painful surgical procedures), it is possible that the appearance of certain side effects at the injection site. Most often there are tiny bruises and hematoma, which will pass within few days. There is no staying in the hospital, but the postoperative course takes place at home, which makes patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Two of the most common complications associated with this type of intervention. One is the emergence of the strip of the mattress (redness in places projections or on the skin caused by superficial implementation) or a lack of other desired effects of rejuvenation that occur as a result of the individual characteristics of the patient or because of setting threads too deep. In both cases, the effects can be corrected by re-intervention.